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Liquid Injection

Paracetamol 300mg/2ml

300mg/ 2ml injection
Each ml contains Paracetamol 150mg
(Route: Deep IM / Slow IV)
Antipyretic & Analgesic

Paracetamol is a sterile Solution for Infusion. One single vial contains 1g paracetamol (acetaminophen) per 100ml in Water for Injection.Paracetamol is only administrated to treat pain and fever, for adults,teenagers and children over 33kg of weight (about 11 years old). It is  prescribed in use in short-term therapy for moderate pain, especially after operating and use in short-term therapy for fever.
Package: 50pcs/Box
Shelf life:  3 years from manufacturing date.
Storage: Paracetamol should be stored at a temperature below 25°c. Do not store in refrigerator or freezer.

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